Madhya – Website Package (SME)

–[wpcmtt id="1502"]Domain Name[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1503"]Shared Hosting[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1547"]5 Business E-Mail IDs[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1548"]10 Page Website[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1549"]Responsive Website[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1552"]Content Development[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1553"]WhatsApp Integration[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1554"]Call to Action[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1555"]Google My Business[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1556"]Search Engine Visibility[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1557"]Social Media Setup[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1558"]Recovery Plan[/wpcmtt]
–[wpcmtt id="1559"]Website Security[/wpcmtt]
-6 Month(s) AMC
-24/7/365 Days Support
-99.99% Uptime Guarantee
-Sample Website: Adroit Managers



Domain Name- Domain Name Consultation
- 1 Free Domain Name

Shared Hosting- Shared Hosting for 1 Domain
- 10 GB SSD Disk Space
- 200 GB Bandwidth Transfer
- 2 MySQL Database
- cPanel - Basic

5 Business E-Mail IDs- 5 Business Email IDs
- 5GB / Email Storage
- Gmail / Webmail Compatible Email IDs
- Outlook + Mobile Configuration

10 Page Website- 10 Page Website Development
- Responsive Website
- Backend Admin Panel
- Audio / Video Integration
- Level 2 Designer
- Design Account Manager
- 3 Revisions
- Favicon Integration

Responsive Website- Mobile Compatibility
- Tablet and Notebook Compatibility
- Desktop and Laptop Compatibility

Content Development- Plagiarism Free Content
- Content Research
- Unique Content Developed for All Pages
- Limited to 10 Pages

WhatsApp Integration- Chat with your customers on WhatsApp
- Receive enquiries directly on WhatsApp

Call to Action- Designed to prompt an immediate response
- Encourage an immediate sale

Google My Business- Google My Business Page Setup
- Google Map Integration
- Google Map Visibility
- Google Map Service Integration

Search Engine Visibility- Targeting Long Tail Keywords
- Title and Description Tags
- Backlinks From Relevant Sites
- Optimize Content
- Internal Links Between Pages
- Website Audit Report

Social Media Setup- Social Media Page Setup
- Social Media Page Integration

Recovery Plan- Automated Backup Every Month
- Never Loose your data
- Recover Data on the Go!

Website Security- Pre-Installed Antivirus
- Malware Scanner

-6 Month(s) AMC
-24/7/365 Days Support
-99.99% Uptime Guarantee
-Sample Website: Adroit Managers

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